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Friday, July 27, 2012


Hi friends and visitors, welcome to my personal blog.
I have created this blog to establish a web presence and let you have an insight into my life.
Here you will come to know about me, my academic portfolio, my achievements, my hobbies, ambition etc.
Its interesting and also fun to read. I keep updating this Blog regularly. Hope you will like it......


Mumbai, India

My name is Subhendu S. Datta ,monsoon born, aged 19 yrs. and a resident of Mumbai. I am proud to be an Indian and equally proud to belong to AAMCHI MUMBAI! My mother tongue is Bengali and belong to the Datta family. I am a calm, hardworking, humble & honest person and believe in principles rather than emotions! I am thankful to my family, friends, well wishers ,teachers and of course God for making me what ever I am today.

Dattas (Bengali: দত্ত Dôtto) are kshatriyas (Bengali khotrio), in the ancient times the most profitable business of gold merchentery could not be in the hands any Kshatriya. So they created a sub sect 'Kayastha'. Primarily they were the warriors.From ancient pal dynasty they had major role in the battle field.They were famous for their archery qualities, and they had really a good hand with sword.Before and during the English period some of them were Jamindars and some were samants. Recent history also shows that this courageous, learned & wealthy Kshatriya community has proved them selves as a martial community in army and in paramilitary forces. After independence Datta family fled Bangladesh and left behind their wealth and mansions. They are now primarily residing in West Bengal.They were known for their learning, charity and strong sense of independence.
[ SOURCE: Wikipedia- internet ]

The SSC results were out and i am happy that i could keep up with the expectations of my teachers and parents.
I Stood first in my school with the highest ever percentage @ my school of 92.62%. I have always been interested in academics and studies are an important part of my life. No doubt education and a good career is my first priority. Let me take you into my golden memories of SCHOOL DAYS..........
I was the topper of my class since childhood and i remember the principal felicitating on annual day. I had also participated in various extra- curricular activities like elocution competition, poetry competition, sports day, drawing competition etc. and excelled in all. I also gave scholarship exam and talent search exams and fared well in them. I was the apple of my Teachers eyes!
I earned a lot of respect as the best boy of my school in Std. 10 and MR.CHANDI at my junior college( SMT.CHANDIBAI HIMATHMAL MANSUKHANI COLLEGE- UNR-3). I was also elected as the cabinet minister of our school parliament. In the MAHAHARASHTRA - HSC 2011 I managed to score 90% agg. and 95% in pcmb.
The MHT-CET 2011 results were quiet disappointing & disheartening.
Something less than i had expected!!
I am now enrolled for engineering course [ CIVIL ] at DATTA MEGHE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, AIROLI, NAVI - MUMBAI.
In the F.E SEM-2 exams I scored 84% and topped the college merit with overall agg. of 81%.
The Sem3 results were out recently and once again I managed to set a new benchmark by securing 91% and stood first in entire mumbai university!!

Throughout my life was not easy as a lot of responsibility and expectation lie on my shoulders!!!

To talk about my achievements there is many to enlist!
I have many Trophies, mementos & medals to my credit in fields like Drawing, Elocution, academics, karate, science projects, ex-tempo, quiz and exhibitions etc. Starting from Drawing and painting which is also my hobby i participated in almost all the competitions held in my town.I won prizes at National , State, taluka, inter- school level competitions.
As mentioned earlier i stood first @ SSC from my school with 92.6% and topped IN degree college (F.E).
Stood first in  entire university in S.E by securing 91%.

At my junior college i won the first prize in INTER-COLLEGIATE DEBATE COMPETITION and also at PCRA ENERGY QUIZ COMPETITION.

I am a brown belt in karate and participated in various tournaments.
I won the prestigious MR.CHANDI (BEST BOY) award from my junior college in 2011.

My passion for drawing and painting turned into a hobby when i was only 4!
I also love reading books and listening to bollywood music!
My other hobbies include playing computer games, programming, collecting stamps and reading newspapers.

"Ego is for what you are and attitude is for what the other person is.."
"Difficult tasks take time but the impossible takes a little longer...NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!"
"You can never afford to doubt yourself"

Pursue B.E -civil and post graduate in construction management to get a hands on job at any reputed construction firm in India.

MY OTHER BLOGS: My another blog gives a detailed information about my science project SOLUTION TO POLLUTION- AIR FILTER. Do take a look at it!

You can contact me by sending me mails at :